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Next to Newsletter- Monday, March 4, 2013

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Good Morning!

To all of you from Rachel:

Hi, everyone, and I do mean everyone. I cannot begin to express the gratitude and overwhelming love I feel for you all. Friday's fundraiser was an extraordinary day. Whether you'd known me since I was a lump, or if we just met when you walked through the door, you gave my family more than we ever could have asked: first, a smile; a hug; a genuine gesture of kindness; advice which no web site or pamphlet could ever articulate so clearly or warmly. You took the time to joke with us, talk with us, put my parents at ease and give us your number if ever we should need anything. You donated your books, artwork, collectibles, gift cards and services to the raffle. You baked and brought cookies, tarts and cakes and even made sure some of them were low-carb (thank you VERY much for that!) You pulled money from your own wallets-- three dollars for a muffin, twenty for raffle tickets, another fifteen for an armful of clothes.

Each of these actions made my heart swell, and if there was any doubt about the GOOD in the people of Gainesville, or Georgia, or the world, I am living proof that kindness and love abound, and that family looks out for one another.

Mom said it first, but I must reiterate: You are family. Thank you.

With a humbled mind, and a surer heart and lower blood sugar,

Rachel Glazer

And a note from Teressa:

In every life there are good days and bad days...and if you're very, very fortunate, you have a few perfect days.

Friday, March 1st, was a perfect day.

The fundraiser for Rachel was even more successful than we could have possibly hoped. We spent the day surrounded by such wonderful people- all of them making time to support (in every definition of the word) our daughter.

From the writers who sent copies of their books and the ones who showed up to sign them...

(Joseph Scott Morgan-"Blood Beneath My Feet")

(Rob Wood- "The Kingfish Way") Bob Cohen, Judy Harrison and Mimi Cundiff who brought a bakery case full of delectables for the bake sale, the artists who shared their works for the raffle and the folks from NEGMC who donated diabetes info...

...and the friends who showed up and shopped...and shopped...and shopped.
It was an all-day celebration of everything that's good and life-affirming about this community.

I'll be joyously paying it forward for the rest of my days. From the depths and breadth of my heart: thank you.

What's on sale?

Monday- Thursday: 30% OFF Ladies' pants, shorts and capris

Friday- Sunday: 30% OFF Menswear


My husband, Arthur, and I each write twice-a-month columns for The Times here in Gainesville. His deal with computing and technology issues. Mine deal with whatever strikes my fancy.

Arthur's column ran on February 23rd.
Click here to read "Printer glitch? Best to start over "

Click here to go to his blog to read past columns.

My column, "Diagnosis followed by fear, now determination" about discovering Rachel had Type 1 diabetes ran on Feb. 22nd. Click here to read it.

The Joys of Parenthood

Been there. Done that. Loved it. Click here to see "The Parent Rap."

Yard Sale!

Here it is- the first estate sale of the season! The owners are moving to Florida and insist they're taking only sunscreen and flipflops. That means you'll find lots of tools, antiques, lawn mowers, saddles and tack, furniture, shelving, electronics, decorative items, kids stuff, clothing, and books, books, books! March 8th from noon to 6 PM and March 9th from 8 AM until noon.

It's at 6036 Black Jack Road in Flowery Branch.

Special Delivery

A great service that UPS provides called "UPS My Choice" is back for a limited time and takes just a few minutes to register... and it's free!

When you become a member of UPS MyChoice, you'll be able to get alerts before packages arrive, electronically authorize packages for drop-off, re-route to other delivery locations and more from UPS - which is a must have when you're waiting on a delivery.

Whatcha eatin'?

Get mugged!

As the mother of two college students, I'm well-acquainted with the concept of microwave cooking in mugs. It's equally great for the dorm or the office, not to mention at home when you're cooking for one and don't want a big clean-up.

Now NPR has gotten on the bandwagon with "The Microwave Miracle of Cooking in Mugs." Lisa "Hungry Girl" Lillen also has some excellent recipes on her site. Not to mention BuzzFeed's "18 Microwave Snacks You can Cook in a Mug."

Wise Words

Weekly This and That

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