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Next to Newsletter- Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Click here to see the video of Glen Campbell's song,
"The Hand That Rocks the Cradle."

and here's Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried."

And here's proof that a mother's work is never done.

What's on sale?


Monday-Tuesday: Ladies' Pants, Shorts and Capris

Wednesday-Thursday: Maternity

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: Infantwear 0-24 months

My husband, Arthur, and I each write twice-a-month columns for The Times here in Gainesville. His deal with computing and technology issues. Mine deal with whatever strikes my fancy.

Arthur's latest was published on April 30. Click here to read "Cellphones are getting bigger, smarter and cooler."

My column, published April 29, is "Take the pledge, because words do hurt" Click here.

Comic Relief- NHHS Style

You know that tornado that destroyed towns all over the southeast a few weeks back? North Hall's Improv Team is fighting back with Funny.

Ringgold High School in Catoosa County, Georgia lost their entire school. To help 'em out, they're donating all profits from the final IMPROV THIS to the efforts to rebuild their school and make things a little easier.

Tickets are $5.00, and they'll have a donation bucket at the door.

Please feel free to bring supplies as well: toiletries, school supplies, and anything else that might lend a hand to their relief.

Curtain is at 7:30 P.M. May 12, 2011 at the NHHS theatre.


Evelyn Asher clued us in about Wrap Up America, an effort to gather and donate blankets to the citizens of Tuscaloosa. For $3.00 you can donate a blanket.

Meet My Friend, Diane...

Diane Fitzpatrick is SO funny. She's a Florida mom who blogs. She has that special eye and ear and pen that makes everything from choosing a babysitter to naming babies sidesplitting a really smart sit-com (although I fear that's an oxymoron.) Click here to read her blog and, hey, she's on Facebook, too.

For all you die-hard Harry Potter fans, here at long last is the Harry Potter Companion, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book.

Got cookies?

Our Rachel has been named a 2011 Bronfman Youth Fellow which means she'll spend the summer traveling and studying in Israel. To help raise money for all the expenses not covered by the Fellowship, she's holding an on-going bake sale at N2N. You can pick up homemade goodies for a donation. Today, there are Oatmeal Raisinet cookies. Later in the week she'll have macaroons, Earth Day cookies (with ingredients from 6 of the 7 continents), toffee and hopefully Cheryl will bring some of her famous Double Doosers.

N2N is the village that has helped raise this young lady and you all share in her accomplishments. Thanks so much for your support.

Whatcha eatin'?

Sometimes the easiest recipes are the hardest to perfect. Take oatmeal, for instance. The 1-minute kind is a no-brainer but the steel-cut kind, that's another thing entirely. Seems like no matter how long you cook them, they never seem quite right. Well, Carole Peters came up with the perfect solution: the crockpot. Thanks, Carole!

Irish Oatmeal

2 tablespoons butter
2 cups steel-cut oats
8 cups water
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp salt

Melt butter in 12-inch skillet over medium heat. Add oats and toast, stirring constantly, until golden and fragrant, about 2 minutes, transfer to slow cooker.
Stir water, raisins, sugar, cinnamon, and salt into slow cooker. Cover and cook until oats are softened and thickened, 4 to 6 hours on low. Let oatmeal sit for 10 minutes, stir well and serve. (Oatmeal can be refrigerated in airtight container for up to 4 days. Reheat oatmeal either in microwave or in heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-low heat.

You can easily halve the recipe.

Wise Words

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

Weekly this 'n' that

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Remember to bring in your plastic grocery bags to recycle and register to win a $25.00 store credit. April's winner was Mandy Purcell. Congratulations, Mandy!

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...and remember Senior Discount Day- each Monday, everyone 55 and over gets 30% off their cash purchases.

Message from Arthur:

Arthur says there are many forms of malware circulating the Internet. Some remain hidden in your computer, wreaking havoc with your system. Others appear as bogus utilities, warning you of non-existent problems. Often they will even give you a specific number of issues - something not possible if you hadn't run any scans with that utility. Others yet, are random pop-ups that you can't close. These all must be dealt with immediately. If they disappear on their own, they will return. They are not self-healing. If not eradicated, they will get worse, eventually blocking you from logging on to Windows, in many cases.

Call Arthur at 770-540-5100 or email him at if you need to set up an appointment. He guarantees his work, has rapid response times and reasonable rates. You've read his columns in the Times, now let him go to work for you.

That's it for now. Remember-email goes both ways...

If you run across any exceptional bargains or impressive new products, let us know. We'll put the word out!

Have a remarkable week!

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