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Next to Newsletter- Monday, August 8, 2011

Today's the day! Backpacks packed, lunch boxes filled and everyone out at the curb in time to meet the bus. Well, almost everyone.
This afternoon we'll all have writers cramp from filling out all the permission slips, information forms and all the other paperwork that comes with the first day of school.

Don't just sit at home, missing your babies and watching the clock. Head on over to N2N. We're marking down a new sale- new 30% off, 75% off and clearance items and a new sidewalk rack! We have lots of back to school items, both for warm weather and when it gets colder. Come see!

What's on sale?

30% OFF all pink tags
75% OFF all yellow tags
CLEARANCE on all green tags


Many of you know N2N's Pennie. Tragedy struck last Tuesday when her husband, Billy, was involved in a terrible workplace accident. He is currently hospitalized in Alpharetta in ICU.

Here at N2N, we're trying to help Pennie with gas expenses for traveling back and forth to be with Billy. That's why we're having a BAKE SALE FOR BILLY. Today we have my homemade chocolate chip cookies and Rachel's banana nut muffins. Just pick some up for a donation. Everything goes to Pennie and Billy. Your donations and your prayers are appreciated more than you'll ever know.

My husband, Arthur, and I each write twice-a-month columns for The Times here in Gainesville. His deal with computing and technology issues. Mine deal with whatever strikes my fancy.

Arthur's latest was published on August 6. Click here to read " Beware of phony anti-virus apps; they're really malware."

My latest column was published August 5. Click here to read "A bird in the hand may run afoul of the law."

Unlike previous years, I didn't write a back to school column this time, but here's the one that ran last year. It's one of my favorites.

Free Redbox

Why go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video? Why pay $4-$5 for a DVD movie rental? Why pay anything for a DVD rental ever again? Wise Bread's Paul Michael tells you how to get free Redbox rentals from now on. Click here.

Going bananas

Love bananas? Here's the site for you:! You'll find the world's most popular web site dedicated to one of the world's most popular and beloved fruits. We'll show you everything from how to Grow Bananas to the Nutritional and Medicinal benefits of Bananas. There's also the Recipes Hall Of Fame, full of mouth watering recipes submitted by their readers, and if you have any questions or answers about Bananas, you can visit the Public Forum.

If life gives you limes, make margaritas

This is a great fundraiser for a wonderful cause- the Guest House, a private, nonprofit adult day health care center. Come to their Calabash Party at 7 p.m. on Aug. 13. It's a beach-themed fundraiser featuring various seafood dishes, auction and live music by the Diversity Band. It's at the Elks Lodge on Riverside Dr. in Gainesville. Admission is$25. Call 770-536-4264 or for more information go to

Backwoods Mom

There are some wonderful bloggers out there. Funny, wise, interesting...and one of the funniest, wisest and most interesting is Keri Riley, a backwoods mom in Ninilchik, Alaska where "I shuttle 8 kids around, fighting off moose, mosquitos and middle age."

In one posting she shares 20 words of wisdom to her teenagers. In another, she gives realistic advice to teenage girls. It's as hilarious as it is dead on the mark. Get to know the Backwoods Mom. She'll soon be one of your new online BFFs. Oh- and thanks to Sara Cohen for introducing me to her!

Whatcha Eatin'?

Peaches, plums, and nectarines (all currently in season and on sale) make a delectable fruit cobbler that's so easy because it's sweetened with currant jelly and topped with refrigerated flaky biscuits.

Click here for the recipe: Fresh Fruit Basket Cobbler.

Wise Words

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." ~Christopher Reeve

Weekly this 'n' that

N2N wants you to like us...on Facebook! Click here to go to our fan page and click "like" to join up. We post great deals when we find them during the week and link to other great frugal sites. We have the Deal of the Day and Hot sure don't want to miss out on that!

Remember to bring in your plastic grocery bags to recycle and register to win a $25.00 store credit. July's winner was Kim Devereaux. Congratulations, Kim!

Get a $5.00 store credit any time you bring us a new shopper. It's easy. Just bring in your friends who've never tried N2N shopping. When they check out at the register, we'll give YOU a $5.00 credit to use on your next visit.

Let's work to get the word out: friends don't let friends shop retail!
...and remember Senior Discount Day- each Monday, everyone 55 and over gets 30% off their cash purchases.

Computer Problems?

Don't hesitate to call Arthur if your computer has a virus or isn't
running as fast as it should. He will come to you or you can drop off your
PC at Next to New. His rates put the Geeks to shame and your satisfaction is
guaranteed. One-on-one instruction available or get some friends together
for an even better rate. He can fix software problems through remote access
if necessary, so no matter where you are, give him a call - your computer
will thank you.
Call Computer House Calls at 770-540-5100 or email him at

Your computer will thank you.

That's it for now. Remember-email goes both ways...

If you run across any exceptional bargains or impressive new products, let us know. We'll put the word out!

Have a remarkable week!

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