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Next to Newsletter- Monday, December 19, 2011

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From all of us at N2N!

‘Tis the season to count blessings, and it should come as no surprise that to all of us at N2N, one of our biggest blessings are our wonderful customers. We are thankful every day for your patronage and, most of all, your friendship. Whether you gather 'round the Christmas tree or light the Menorah, we wish you all the happiest, healthiest of holidays!

What's on sale?

This week, all infantwear, 0-24 months is 30% off. We just bought and filled two cases of new hangers so there's LOTS to choose from!

We will be CLOSED Christmas Day.

We'll have regular business hours the rest of the holiday

My husband, Arthur, and I each write twice-a-month columns for The Times here in Gainesville. His deal with computing and technology issues. Mine deal with whatever strikes my fancy.

Arthur's latest Computer Care column, about defragging your hard drive, was published on December 10th. Click here to read it.

My column ran on December 9th. Click here to read " ‘Getting locked up for tasting the grapes."

Pacer Centers Kids Against Bullying is is one the best interactive bullying awareness sites around. With games, a gallery, personal stories and more, Pacer helps kids not only understand what it feels like to be bullied, but lets those who are being bullied know they are not alone. Mantras like "Speak Up, Reach Out and Be a Friend" and "Spot It, Stop It" empower kids and give them the opportunity to take the anti bullying pledge and make a difference while learning. Thanks to Macaroni Kids Gainesville for the link!

Carrots for Rudolph!

Also from Macaroni Kids, some adorable ideas for new Christmas traditions that your kids will love!

Naptime for Kitty

Now here's a cute idea for a unique cat or puppy bed. Just dig an old (the more vintage the better) suitcase out of the attic or grab one for a buck or two at a yard sale. Turn half of it into a pet bed- just add interesting legs (compliments of Lowe's) and a cozy cushion.

What to buy, what to buy?

Recently Molly was stressing over what sort of gifts to buy for her Sunday school teachers (she's the Director of Education at Temple Emanuel in Winston-Salem) This is the time of year when we all find ourselves making multiple decisions on hostess gifts, teacher gifts, tips for mail carriers and other service people. Click on the links for both guidelines and ideas. Me, I'm all for gift cards...

Why didn't I think of that? Pt. 2

Here some more scathingly brilliant ideas.
Well, some more scathingly brilliant than others...

Whatcha Eatin'?

For the first time, Olive Garden is offering a host of recipes for its entrees, appetizers, side dishes, desserts and soups. Click here to start browsing.

Wise Words

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas.
~Dale Evans Rogers

Computer Corner

Arthur says: There is a new variation on an old bug circulating the Internet. It's called XP AntiSpyware 2012 and may go under many other various names. But don't let the name fool you.If you have Vista or Win 7, you can still get infected.
Phone or email him for an appointment if your computer has this (or another) infection. It is a malware and is NOT a real program, no matter how real the pop-ups look. DO not purchase it when you are threatened by its warnings. Its sole purpose is to get your credit card number.

It will not remove anything but your money!

You can reach Arthur at 770-540-5100 or email him at

...and Teressa says: So guess who caught that virus? Yep, moi. I was completely fooled. The interface looked just like my Anti Virus- until the screen popped up telling me to enter my credit card info and pay $75.00. Don't panic if it happens to you. Just call Arthur. He'll have you back up and running in no time.

That's it for now. Remember-email goes both ways...

If you run across any exceptional bargains or impressive new products, let us know. We'll put the word out!

Have a remarkable week!

Teressa and the Next2New Crew

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