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Next to Newsletter- Monday, December 5, 2011

The First Friday Sale was a big success...maybe a little TOO big! For the first time in a long time, we're running short of adult clothes to put out. Sure, there's a huge stockpile of Spring/Summer wear but it's too early to get into that. So...if you happen to be in closet-cleaning mode, feel free to throw a few bags of your winter goodies in the car and bring them by N2N. After all, there's no better time to have a pocket full of store credit!

We posted a plea on Facebook last Saturday and thanks to the wonderful, rapid response from our FB friends, the gap's closing but we could always use more. So load up the sleigh and jingle on over to N2N.

Our buying hours are Monday- Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm or call us at 770-534-9070 to make other arrangements.

What's on sale?

We've just had a big markdown! Here's the 411:

30% OFF YELLOW tags

75% OFF BLUE tags


There's a whole new sidewalk rack- all 74% OFF, all winter items! Come see!


My husband, Arthur, and I each write twice-a-month columns for The Times here in Gainesville. His deal with computing and technology issues. Mine deal with whatever strikes my fancy.

Arthur's latest Computer Care column was published on November 26th. Click here to read "When switching phones, consider price and coverage."

My column ran on November 25th. Click here to read " ‘War on Christmas trees’ is really just a little green marketing push."

Tying up loose ends

Scarves- any size, any shape- are hotter than ever this season. Rachel sent me this video for ideas on how to tie them. Thanks, Rach!

Take a moment to say "Awwwww!"

Is there anything cuter than baby animals? I don't think here to take a peek. If you think that's adorable, then click here for some breathtaking pictures of wild animals and their offspring.

Literary Mystery

One day in March, the staff at the Scottish Poetry Library came across a wonderful creation, left anonymously on a table in the library. It was carved from paper, mounted on a book and with a tag addressed to @byleaveswelive - the library's Twitter account. And there began a most charming here to read about it.

Angel Trees

It's heartwarming to see how many people step up to help others during this season of giving. We get lots of folks in shopping for needy families. May I make a suggestion? Why not give a N2N gift certificate as part of your Angel Tree gift?

I've discovered that often those who would most benefit from resale shopping don't know about us. They spend their meager clothing budget at cut-rate discount stores where the clothing is poorly made and wears out in no time. The same money goes MUCH further here at N2N and the items are well-made name brands and mall brands that are far more durable and (IMHO) cuter, too.

We'll be glad to convert some of your store credit to a gift certificate or sell you a credit to use as part of your Christmas giving. You'll know the recipient will be able to find great fashions and learn about the many benefits of resale shopping at the same time.

Now, that's the gift that keeps on giving!

Whatcha Eatin'?

I've always felt that the secret to a really delicious cake isn't the cake itself- it's the icing. During these busy holiday times, give yourself permission to cut corners. Used a boxed cake mix, then ice with one of these amazing frostings made from scratch. I promise- no one will be the wiser!

Wise Words

If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.

~Bob Hope

Weekly this 'n' that

A few weeks ago, N2N's Facebook friends had an opportunity to print a coupon good for a day of half price shopping. You don't want to miss out on deals like that so click here to go to our fan page and click "like" to join up.

Get a $5.00 store credit any time you bring us a new shopper. It's easy. Just bring in your friends who've never tried N2N shopping. When they check out at the register, we'll give YOU a $5.00 credit to use on your next visit.

Let's work to get the word out: friends don't let friends shop retail!

...and remember Senior Discount Day- each Monday, everyone 55 and over gets 30% off their cash purchases.

Computer Problems?

Don't hesitate to call Arthur if your computer has a virus or isn't
running as fast as it should. He will come to you or you can drop off your
PC at Next to New. His rates put the Geeks to shame and your satisfaction is
guaranteed. One-on-one instruction available or get some friends together
for an even better rate. He can fix software problems through remote access
if necessary, so no matter where you are, give him a call - your computer
will thank you.
Call him at 770-540-5100 or email him at

That's it for now. Remember-email goes both ways...

If you run across any exceptional bargains or impressive new products, let us know. We'll put the word out!

Have a remarkable week!

Teressa and the Next2New Crew

Next to New Resale Boutique
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Gainesville, GA 30501

Monday- Saturday 10-6

Sunday 1-6

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